Facebook increases reels’ length to 90 seconds, adds new features: Meta

Facebook has extended the maximum length of reels to 90 seconds from the current 60 seconds and also added new features for reel creators to improve their creativity and audience, its parent company Meta announced on Saturday.

“Wanted to make sure you saw the new features we have announced for Facebook Reels – as part of Meta’s ongoing investment in helping make Reels the best place for creators to grow their creativity, audience, and career,” Meta said.

Facebook has rolled out ‘Grooves’ for reels creators, which will allow them to automatically align and sync the motion in the video to the beats of their preferred songs in the reels and this will be applied through visual beat technology. The new features also include ready-made reels from memories – for easily sharing favourite memories on reels on a tap of a button. Additionally, the creators can use trending templates for the reels.

Reels are the fastest-growing format for the social media company, as reshares of Reels have more than doubled on Facebook and Instagram in the last six months. Reel plays across Facebook and Instagram have also more than doubled over the last year.

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The firm launched reels for iOS and Android in more than 150 countries across the globe in February 2022. It also offered ways to help creators to earn money, new creative tools and more places to watch and create Facebook Reels. This was in response to the growing popularity of the short-form video hosting app TikTok, which offers hosting services for videos ranging from three seconds to 10 minutes.

“We’re constantly adding new features, like the ones we’re announcing today, to provide more ways for creators to easily express themselves and get discovered on Facebook, where we now reach 2 billion daily activities,” Meta said.

Instagram, the Meta-owned picture sharing platform increased the maximum length to 90 seconds in June 2022. The other features of Grooves and templates have also been previously made available for Instagram reel creators.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz