Facebook could bring voice, video calling features to its primary app

Voice, Video calling on Facebook: As the website traffic of video and voice calls made by way of Facebook increases amid the worldwide pandemic, the social media giant is mulling a significant alter. So far, the video and voice calling features have been incorporated into the standalone Messenger app. But now, Facebook is attempting a feature which permits pick customers to make voice and video calls from the primary app itself, eliminating the have to have for them to download a separate app just for calling purposes. The Messenger app had been spun out of the primary app years ago, generating it a separate location exactly where customers could track their direct messages and, when incorporated, make voice and video calls as nicely.

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A business spokesperson has having said that stated that for the encounter making use of complete features incorporated in messaging and voice and video callings, customers would nonetheless be advised to use the Messenger app itself.

Facebook has been working on its messaging platforms across the 3 significant items it has – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Since last year, that we know of, the business has been attempting to integrate messaging across the 3 platforms, and in September last year, it integrated Instagram DMs and Messenger. With this, customers of one service have been capable to discover, message and even video contact their contacts on the other service without the need of possessing to download each the apps. Eventually, it is also hunting to add WhatsApp to the mix.

The feature can be effective for customers who either do not have sufficient space in their phones to set up a standalone app or do not want to do so just for the goal of video or voice calling, which meant that Facebook could have been losing out on a possible set of consumers. This could be an sophisticated option for each Facebook – to tap into this userbase – as nicely as for these consumers, even though also providing the current customers the similar higher high-quality and complete-featured service on the Messenger app, if they want to continue making use of it.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz