Ensono: Security is a crucial issue when picking a public cloud provider

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There are quite a few variables to regarded as when deciding on a public cloud provider, but 56% in a current survey stated safety issues had the most important influence through the choice course of action for public cloud providers, IT services management business Ensono stated.

Last year’s events brought on an quick shift in business enterprise workflow forcing most organizations to speed up their digital transformation. In December 2020, Ensono surveyed 500 complete-time experts with cloud procurement selection-producing energy in a selection of industries across the United States and United Kingdom to realize their cloud perspectives The Cloud Clarity Report uncovered multi-cloud usage is emerging as the dominant cloud tactic and Microsoft Azure is the most-utilised public cloud vendor amongst our respondents. Most surprisingly, private cloud remains a permanent and extended-term strategic element for a important quantity of organizations.

The survey also identified that customers of multi-cloud environments, quite a few of these who are nevertheless preserving on-premise workloads, are saddled with aging technologies. 1 in 10 of respondents (9%) use unspecified legacy technologies in their IT infrastructure, and one-third (33%) nevertheless have a mainframe atmosphere present in their IT stack. The majority of respondents are in some mixture of public and private cloud for business enterprise, and only 9% of customers are solely operating in the public cloud. Additionally, a somewhat smaller percentage operate only in the private cloud.

Security and compliance are the best drivers of cloud selection-producing, and 56% stated safety considerations had a “significant impact” on the final selection when evaluating a public cloud provider. When ranking variables in terms of value in the selection-producing course of action, safety and technical needs outrank cost and assistance. The truth that respondents are prepared to spend a premium for technical features showcases how vital these features are.

It’s clear from the information that today’s selection-makers are going all-in on the cloud but have various variables driving their methods. The technical and safety elements of private and hybrid cloud environments can not be discounted, even as some respondents are picking a single public cloud provider.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz