Elon Musk explains why xAI will be more trustworthy than OpenAI, Google

Twitter owner Elon Musk has explained why his new AI company xAI is better than other companies in the area of artificial intelligence namely, Google and OpenAI. Musk had recently announced his new AI company in a bid to ‘understand the true nature of the universe’.

Musk has been critical of OpenAI, a company he helped co-found in 2015. The billionaire has claimed that OpenAI is “training AI to be woke” and that the company was “effectively controlled by Microsoft.”

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The billionaire noted that he is training the new AI systems to be  “maximally curious” and he believes it will lead to the AI naturally aligning its behaviour with human values and reducing the potential risks associated with AI development.

According to NDTV, in the realm of technology, the term “xAI” is often used as an abbreviation for Explainable AI or Interpretable AI. This concept focuses on enabling humans to comprehend the rationale behind the decisions or predictions made by artificial intelligence system

Updated: 18 Jul 2023, 06:39 AM IST

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz