E3 is dead – long live E3

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E3 is dead. The Entertainment Software Association is informing developers that it is wrapping up the show this year in its entirety. That means no digital show in addition to the physical event that the organization canceled earlier this year.

This is in line with what several sources have told GamesBeat. Developers are looking for leadership and guidance to centralize around a focal point for game reveals this summer, but the ESA is coming up short. This has traditional ESA partners considering their options instead of committing to whatever E3 2022 would stumble in as.

That doesn’t mean the Summer Game Mess won’t continue. Perennial gaming-event host Geoff Keighley was ready and waiting for this news. He revealed that Summer Game Fest is returning in June, which is E3’s normal time frame.

Of course, the true singular gaming event this summer is Jeff Grubb’s Summer Game Mess, which will continue to keep track of the who, what, where, when, and why of all game events throughout the rest of the year. Because as much as developers may want to center around Keighley, many more will spin off into their own events. And that’s going to make it messy and annoying for gaming fans who just want to keep up with the biggest announcements.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz