Cyware: Staying protected in a digital world

The pandemic has made an urgent shift to digital, and threat intelligence option firm Cyware is undertaking its bit to preserve organizations protected and safe. A new-age safety firm that was founded in 2016 by Akshat Jain and Anuj Goel, Cyware assists enterprise cybersecurity teams create platform-agnostic virtual cyber fusion centres. “It is the industry’s only provider of virtual cyber fusion platform that combines next-generation threat intelligence and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) technologies to deliver the collective defense and visibility security operations teams need to work collaboratively and better protect their organisations from advanced attacks,” claims Jain, the company’s CTO and co-founder.

Jain has earlier led the development of technologies options for substantial organisations such as Oracle and Adobe, whereas Goel, who previously was heading Global Cyber Strategy and Planning at Citi, New York, has an impressive pedigree in steering substantial safety teams. “We realised the increasing gaps in the capabilities of security teams against modern shape-shifting cyber adversaries who are well-funded and resourced to successfully target even the most secure organisations,” says Jain. The gaps stem from the way safety teams have been structured and how their technologies is configured. “We found that the majority of teams lack a fundamental understanding of their organisation’s threat landscape, forcing them to operate in a reactive-only capacity amid their siloed domains and strategies,” he informs.

According to him, the crucial to addressing contemporary safety challenges lies in breaking out of a reactionary mode and create towards a collective defense against threat actors that features a strategic mixture of finish-to-finish automation and intelligence-driven safety operations so teams are aligned and optimised for enormous-scale threat response. “If you closely observe the prevailing threat landscape, cybercriminals are collaborating with each other by sharing their tactics, techniques, and procedures and experiences from targeted campaigns. Likewise, security teams also need to collaborate and organise a collective defense against such adversaries by sharing real-time threat intelligence, best practices, and mitigation strategies over secured platforms,” he adds.

Since launching its solutions in 2018, Cyware has come a lengthy way by onboarding a lot of Fortune 2000 clientele, international info sharing communities (ISACs and ISAOs), National CERTs, and sector groups across its solution portfolio. “Today, Cyware’s virtual cyber fusion solutions are being used by some of the world’s largest information-sharing communities with a collective member count of more than 10,000,” says Jain.

The speedy development in the adoption of Cyware’s options has also expanded its international attain with a presence in 4 important geographical regions—South Asia, APJ, North America, and EMEA. “In India, Cyware understands the cybersecurity needs of India’s digitally transformed organisations as they evolve to more quickly counter targeted attacks,” says Jain.

All along, Cyware has sustained triple-digit organization development for the last 3 consecutive years with more than 120% annual recurring income (ARR) development in 2020, featuring numerous substantial enterprises, and even mid-sized organizations who advantage from Cyware’s targeted options. The mixture of revolutionary solutions, results in exceeding the client expectations, and continued expansion across many verticals have helped Cyware garner immense trust from our investors, says Jain. This enabled Cyware to raise its Series A ($10 million) and Series B ($30 million) funding inside a brief span of seven months throughout the pandemic, with a total of $43 million raised to date.

The quantity of organisations acquiring targeted by malicious cyber actors keeps developing and so does the function of Cyware’s options in mitigating these threats. “Cyware has an extremely positive future business outlook as more and more organisations are adopting its virtual cyber fusion solutions for threat intelligence and security automation to bolster their cyber defenses,” says Jain. “We operate in a fast-growing multi-billion dollar market, and being the industry’s only virtual cyber fusion centre provider, our growth story is only going to get stronger with time.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz