Coromon will bring its Pokémon-plus-puzzles game to Nintendo Switch in Q1 2022

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Coromon twists the Pokémon formula with how it approaches dungeons, customization, and puzzles for its monster-taming gameplay. It’s currently been announced for Computer and mobile, and through the Freedom Games 2021 Showcase at the digital Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) today, developer TRAGsoft stated Coromon is coming to yet another platform: the Nintendo Switch.

This feels like a fantastic match, as Coromon sports visuals comparable to the early Pokémon games and is also about, you know, catching monsters. TRAGsoft has added a puzzle layer as you discover maps, you uncover your self dealing with these small brainteasers. And when your monsters level up, you can play with their statistics, providing it more RPG depth and other monster-taming games.

Your character operates for a higher-tech corporation, and your target is to extract Titan Essences from the world. As the name implies, Titans are bigger beasts you uncover in dungeons, and you and your monster teams need to defeat them to get the essences and find out more about these “cornerstones” of the world.

“And this journey will lead you into a story of full plot twists that are full of interesting events and side quests to do,” TRAGsoft’s Marcel van der Made stated. He’s the CEO and story writer for the studio, along with being the “Second Ridiculously Ambitious Guy.” (TRAGsoft stands for “Two Ridiculously Ambitious Guys.” Van der Made is the second, and fellow CEO and programmer Jochem Pouwels is the initially).

TRAGsoft has been working on Coromon for more than seven years, and the project is the outcome in component for their fondness for the Game Boy, Pokémon, and grand adventures with puzzles like Zelda.

“We love games and spent thousands of hours playing those games,” Marcel van der Made stated. “Why not make a game with every the aspect we love and put that together for the ultimate RPG experience. That’s how Coromon came to life.”

And, of course, leads to the studio name “Two Ridiculously Ambitious Guys.”

Full of prospective

Colors show how powerful your Coromon can be. Two may possibly be of the identical species, but one may possibly be brown, and the other is purple. This is component of TRAGsoft’s prospective method. Coromon achieve XP as they fight, and you can use these points to customize their stats. Van der Made says you can do that to make one a glass cannon (which means with potent attacks but weak well being and defense), or make one that soaks up enemy harm.

It also has a shiny method (this reminds me of foils in Pokémon card packs), which plays into how you allocate a Coromon’s stats. They come in 3 versions as nicely: regular, potent, and best (consider of these as the evolutions in Pokémon).

Nice work if you can get it

Image Credit: TARGsoft

In games like Pokémon or Monster Rancher, you are target is to be the most effective trainer or collector you can be. And whilst that is an significant aspect of Coromon as nicely, you are also working for a significant corporation. You get paid for your endeavors, and along the way, you encounter other staff who are there to enable you.

“They actually pay you to battle,” van der Made stated. I dig this, as one of my handful of gripes with Pokémon is beginning each and every adventure at home and finding a goodbye from your mom. “There’s even an outer space aspect to it, you’ll find out from the story itself.”

Puzzles and traps

As we explored a sandy dungeon, we encountered some dart traps. This is all about timing, avoiding the darts as you make your way by way of that component of the maze. Some of these dart traps have patterns you need to watch for. Other traps involve trapdoors, and some of these combine to make for some nasty tests. You also have buttons to move walls. None of them are tough, but they do need you to spend consideration to your surroundings and break the gameplay loop of acquiring and fighting monsters.

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Image Credit: TARGsoft

“[The puzzles” should be accessible enough so that you can find out [the solution] your self. And some have men and women who are there to clarify the mechanics,” van der Made stated. “Some of the puzzles are really rewarding. You get a special item to solve puzzles that aren’t really required to progress any further. We’re really trying to make it accessible, but also complex enough for those who like exploring.”

The name game

Coromon has more than 120 creatures. Coming up for names for that quite a few monsters could be challenging, particularly when you want to keep away from making use of any that sound like names from Pokémon.

Turns out the TRAGsoft group enjoyed it.

“That’s really fun process, actually. We have brainstorms with about three people working on it. Sometimes you just get a beer and have a long brainstorm session on it,” van der Made stated.

They’d look at monster styles and come up with tips (some funny) till they discovered these that worked for them. One aspect of the localizations of Coromon is that you do not need to have names that translate nicely from one language to yet another you just use a fantastic name from that language for the monster. They do attempt to remain away from specific pronunciations, as that can make it tougher for naming 3 varieties of the identical creature.

The studio also did some naming contests with its neighborhood.

Correction, 1:30 p.m.: Fixed the studio name to TRAGsoft all through. I apologize for the error.

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