Clubhouse Android app launched in India: How to get began with the invite-only audio chat app, other particulars

The trend-setter audio-chat platform Clubhouse is lastly offered for Android customers in India beginning today, that is, Friday May 21, 2021. Just like the enterprise pointed out earlier this week, the app is now offered for customers to download across nations and in India, as per the tweet by the enterprise. Until now, the drop-in audio chat platform was only offered on iOS for iPhone customers and has designed a lot of buzz.

The Clubhouse app is as opposed to any other app that customers can just download from Google Play Store and use it. Just like how iPhone customers have to have an invite to be capable to use the audio app, similarly, customers on Android will also have to have an invite. This implies that customers can’t basically go to Google Play Store, download the app and get started working with it but they have to have the invitation.

How to join Clubhouse

The app’s listing on the Play Store indicates that in order to download the app, customers will have to have to get an invitation, if they want to sign up for Clubhouse. Now there is a waitlist exactly where interested persons can register themselves and wait for their turn to be invited. Or they can just ask any current user for an invite. With the assistance of this invite, persons can get on board with the audio-only app.

It is to note that the app gained reputation quickly just after its launch for iOS customers in March 2020. However, the app downloads are now substantially reduce than what it used to be in the course of the starting of 2021. Data by Sensor Tower has revealed that there are more than 90,000 Clubhouse downloads in India (iOS customers) as of now. While the month of February saw 42,000 downloads, this quantity was decreased to 14,000 downloads in April this year.

However, with India getting a majority in Android customers, the app downloads are anticipated to witness a increase and more customers will quickly be joining.

Meanwhile, it is to note that ever because the announcement has been made concerning Clubhouse for Android, quite a few current Android players have stepped in to bring other versions of audio chat rooms. Twitter has currently released related platform Spaces for each iOS and Android customers. Other firms like Facebook, Spotify, and Reddit are also readying themselves to launch their personal audio-only spin-offs.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz