ChatGPT traffic declines for third consecutive month: Report

As reported by Reuters, it is noted that there are indications that this decline may be stabilizing.

In August, global website traffic to the ChatGPT website, encompassing both desktop and mobile visits, saw a 3.2% decline, totaling 1.43 billion visits. This followed a roughly 10% reduction in traffic for each of the two preceding months, Reuters reported.

Furthermore, the average duration of time visitors spent on the website has been decreasing steadily since March, dropping from an average of 8.7 minutes per visit to 7 minutes per visit by August.

In August, there was a slight increase in the number of unique visitors to ChatGPT’s website globally, with the count rising from 180 million users to 180.5 million users.

The return of schools for the new academic year in September is expected to have a positive impact on ChatGPT’s website traffic and usage. Some educational institutions have already started to adopt ChatGPT as a tool, and this is reflected in the slight rise in ChatGPT traffic in the United States during August, coinciding with the resumption of American schools.

“Students seeking homework help appears to be part of the story: the percentage of younger users of the website dropped over the summer and is now starting to bounce back,” said David F. Carr of Similarweb, who regularly tracks ChatGPT and its competitors.

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Reuters reported, ChatGPT set off a frenzied use of generative AI in daily tasks from editing to coding and reached 100 million monthly active users in January, two months after its launch. Generative AI technology uses past data to create new content, for instance,live to write essays or poems.

OpenAI expanded its reach by launching the ChatGPT app on the iOS platform in May, a move that could potentially divert some traffic away from its website. While ChatGPT is available for free, it also offers a premium subscription option priced at $20 per month.

In addition to ChatGPT and its subscription revenue, OpenAI generates income by selling access to its AI models to both developers and businesses. It has established partnerships, including a significant investment from Microsoft amounting to over $10 billion, which further contributes to its financial growth.

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Updated: 08 Sep 2023, 06:38 AM IST

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