ChatGPT owner OpenAI gets into top 50 global sites as visits hit 672 mn

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has seen traffic up by 3,572 per cent to its site, from 18.3 million to 672 million visits since ChatGPT’s release in late November.

According to SimilarWeb data, over the last 28 days, OpenAI has become the 44th globally-ranked website.

Over the last month, there were around 73.9 million visits from India and the US, representing about 11 per cent of all traffic.

Other main countries that have visitors to the site are France, Canada, and Germany.

“SimilarWeb traffic shows that OpenAI is quickly becoming one of the biggest websites in the world after going viral,” a digital adoption spokesperson said.

“While ChatGPT has been tipped as the ‘next Google’, we know that Google is creating a rival chatbot, Bard, to fend off any competition, which is rumoured to be announced in the coming days,” it added.

ChatGPT drives over 92 per cent of total website traffic.

As of now, OpenAI is the number one technology website in the Computers Electronics and Technology category, overtaking Zoom, AOL and AT&T, the study mentioned.

There are currently 24 million average daily visits to due to ChatGPT.

Globally, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app currently, according to investment bank UBS, which reported the chatbot reached 100 million monthly active users by January.



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