Bluei Truepods-1 Earbuds: Sound quality is top-notch on these buds

Wireless headphones—earbuds and neckbands—are the new buzzword in the audio segment. Their usage has surged during these pandemic-induced work and learn from home times. They are built with modern technology to provide a seamless experience. Wireless earbuds are easy to use due to their compact shape and size. You can connect these to various types of gadgets, right from smartphones to laptops. Youngsters, in particular, love them for the simple reason that they can change songs or take calls without having to pick up the phone. In addition, you can use them during your gym sessions or video chats. We take a look at Bluei Truepods-1 earbuds that are ideal for use in the gym or running tracks without the fear of losing them.

With the advent of even more advanced versions of Bluetooth, true wireless in-ears have become an essential piece of kit for many. Take for instance, the Truepods-1 wireless earbuds from the homegrown audio and wearable brand Bluei. Priced at a modest Rs 2,199, these are unique curved design earbuds powered with active noise cancellation. The earbuds come packed in an exquisite and compact chargeable black case and in three noise-cancelling modes.

Bluei Truepods 1 comes with battery capacity of 40 mAh and this delivers up to six hours of playback time (100 hrs standby time). The earbuds feature Bluetooth v5.0 technology that delivers a stable connection that lets your rock on without connectivity issues. The stereo calling feature of these earbuds allows you to enjoy calls via its built-in microphone and 10-mm drivers and the device is IPX5 water resistant. Bluei earbuds are powered up by the IWP technology featured in them the moment you open the case. The presence of a Type-C charging port ensures you can easily charge it with any charger that has a compatible cable. Accessing the voice assistant function is easy, as all it takes is a single press of easy access multifunction buttons featured on the Truepods 1. The smooth touch controls let one command playback, hands-free and activate voice assistant with ease.

Estimated street price: Rs 2,199

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