Black Desert publisher Pearl Abyss doubles down on Western expansion

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Pearl Abyss, the South Korean game firm that designed Black Desert, hasn’t been shy about expanding in the West. The firm made a large move in 2018 when it purchased Eve Online maker CCP Games for $425 million. And now it is expanding in the West once again, doubling down on its prior efforts.

Pearl Abyss America CEO Jeonghee Jin stated in an interview with GamesBeat that the firm is expanding its workplace in Manhattan Beach in the Los Angeles region, and it has also opened a new workplace in Amsterdam.

The firm is greatest identified for its extremely effective Black Desert franchise, which has attracted more than 40 million players and generated more than 2 billion dollars in lifetime income. It is also poised to launch new in-residence created games such as Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8 in Western markets.

“We’re still small in numbers, but we’ve been trying hard to get people on board,” Jin stated. “We’re going to speed up more. We’re especially hiring for live operations and localization. We need people for both the new projects and the Black Desert game as well.”

Image Credit: Pearl Abyss

The new offices will give the firm a wider variety of regional publishing experience. The European workplace has 16 individuals now, whilst the U.S. has 31. Both are hiring. And the entire firm has more than 900 workers. While the firm can do remote hiring, it is beginning to focus more on strengthening the regional offices.

“We’re testing the waters to see how fast we can go in the future,” Jin stated.

The main function of the Western offices is to service the North American and European markets with committed live-ops, server infrastructure, neighborhood management, consumer assistance, localization, advertising and marketing, and public relations services. Additionally, Pearl Abyss Europe will discover new markets and deepen current ones, whilst Pearl Abyss America will expand into Latin America with future projects. Each workplace space involves area for Pearl Abyss’ plans to substantially expand their operations in each regions.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

Established in 2010, Pearl Abyss initial launched its Black Desert Online in South Korea in 2014. The game has received important acclaim for its seamless world, significant-scale castle sieges, and action-based combat method. The firm went public in 2017.

Lybee Park, vice president at Pearl Abyss Europe, stated in a statement that the firm strongly believes its requires to have a physical presence in Europe — beyond the offices of CCP Games in Iceland — to support service future titles. Jin stated that the European workplace began earlier this year and has been expanding speedily.

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Image Credit: Pearl Abyss

As for Latin America, Jin stated, “We don’t have any plans yet, but we are definitely looking at the market. There are a lot of players in the Brazil and Latin American regions.”

Jin stated that the firm is frequently in a development and mastering phase, and that is portion of the purpose for the expansion — to understand more.

“After we acquired CCP Games three years ago, we’re still learning a lot from each other,” Jin stated.

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