Big Time Studios reveals alpha gameplay for NFT game

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Big Time Studios revealed more of its gameplay today for its upcoming on the web co-op action-RPG, Big Time. It makes use of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, for game collectibles.

The Los Angeles game enterprise mentioned the initial trailer with alpha game footage for Big Time shows off some co-op action, combat, NFT collectibles, and the adventure story that span time and space.

The trailer commemorates the availability of a VIP Early Access Pass now on sale, which grants players head begins on collecting cosmetic and decorative products in-game.

Image Credit: Big Time Studios

Big Time requires players by means of time and space to encounter some of history’s most popular — and infamous — figures. The mission is to reveal a mysterious threat that is tearing down the walls of time and collapsing history in absolutely unexpected approaches. All of this can be seasoned by means of an expansive on the web game that enables hundreds of players to hack-‘n’-slash their way by means of Big Time collectively.


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Players can gather a lot of in-game loot. Throughout the game, players can snag all sorts of new usable gear, pets, mounts, player titles and ranks, and more. Outside Big Time, these in some cases “ultra-rare” products can be traded, rented or sold to other players.

In an e-mail to GamesBeat, the enterprise mentioned players will be in a position to earn or come across higher-worth products in the game. For instance in a predicament exactly where they kill a final boss in a dungeon, they can earn an NFT. These will only be cosmetic products, as Big Time Studios does not want to make a “pay to win” game exactly where players can buy NFT gear with gameplay bonuses.

Big Time Studios is making a sci-fi time travel game.

Image Credit: Big Time Studios

There will be two varieties of products in game, such as cosmetic NFTs, which can be traded for cryptocurrency and fiat (U.S. dollars). That’s exactly where the partnership with Binance comes in. And there will be non-tradable products, such as gear with gameplay bonuses. These can not be traded for crypto or fiat. Outside of the game, players can trade their NFTs straight, use them as collateral to acquire a loan, rent them out to other players, and even fractionalize them and sell them off as pieces, the enterprise mentioned.

The enterprise noted that the game is nevertheless below heavy development and there will most likely be adjustments to all this along the way. Big Time Studios is actually focusing on empowering player ownership and building a terrific game, the enterprise mentioned.

In addition to the VIP pass, the sale provides original artwork from Big Time, such as restricted-edition cosmetic and decorative products, animated shorts, and idea art. Players can participate in the Founder’s NFT sale right here.

In May, Big Time Studios announced it had raised $21 million in funding.

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