Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 announced with Rs 1 crore prize pool up for grabs: Everything to know

Days soon after the launch of the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, aka Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has announced the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 with an eye-catching prize pool of upto Rs 1 crore. According to the details shared by Krafton, the prize dollars will be distributed amongst the 16 greatest teams that emerge as winners of the series. The enterprise also shared that a separate site has also been made for the occasion. It is to be noted that due to the fact launching Battlegrounds Mobile on July 4, this is the 1st esports tournament to be hosted by the enterprise.

Details about Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021

The series will span more than a period of more than 3 months and interested gaming enthusiasts can register for the series beginning from July 19, the enterprise stated. So far as the model of the series is concerned, it will consist of 5 stages- In-Game Qualifiers, Online Qualifiers, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Grand Finals. The 1st to commence will be the In-Game Qualifiers which starts on August 2 and will conclude inside a week by August 8. The Online Qualifiers will be the next stage starting from August 17 and will last for much less than a month till September 12.

As the intensity and competitors of the series methods up, the Quarter Finals will ensue from September 16 and will be concluded inside a period of 10 days by September 26. The two last stages of the game namely Semi Finals and Grand Finals will be organised in between September 30 and October 10.

According to the details released by the enterprise, players who register for the series will want to play a total of 15 matches with their registered group for the duration of the in-game qualifier round. The best 10 matches efficiency will turn into the basis for picking a total of 1024 teams that will participate in the next round of the series. Likewise 64 teams will be certified to participate in the Quarter Finals round. Subsequently as the competitors becomes stiffer, a total of 24 and 16 teams will be permitted to participate in the Semi Finals and Grand Finale stage of the occasion.

Upon the conclusion of the series, the prize pool of a whopping Rs 1 crore will be distributed amongst the best 16 teams with best teams entitled to a key chunk of the exact same.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz