Bamchik: How this ‘Made in India’ TikTok-like quick video app aims to be distinctive

Short-video platform Bamchik: Ever since TikTok was banned in India last year, several new short-video platforms have cropped, including Moj, Instagram’s Reels, Josh, and so on. Now, a further Made in India quick video platform, referred to as ‘Bamchik’, is getting into the stakes. Much like TikTok and other such platforms, Bamchik is aiming to provide a platform exactly where customers can make quick videos to showcase their talents though supplying other individuals entertainment. In order to fully grasp more about the app and how it is distinctive from the currently offered platforms, TheSpuzz Online’s Bulbul Dhawan spoke to Bamchik’s CMO and Co-founder Udit Pathak and Founder and Director Pulkit Kochhar in a joint interaction.

“All we envision is to provide a space so that the users can drop their inhibitions, take the center stage and showcase their talent coupled with innovation and creativity. We just want to provide them limitless entertainment, fun, and crazy times,” they stated. “However, what we would also like to share is that this app will also be a place for promoting various social causes. In the near future, we will be launching various features through which we will help NGOs collect donations and will help small businesses secure crowdfunding to grow and proliferate.”

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How was the thought of the app conceived?

Hailing from the entertainment business and possessing spent a lot of time in Mumbai amongst artists, be it dancers, singers, actors, or stand-up comedians, I (Pulkit) realised that India is home to a diverse selection of talent in abundance. But however, artists struggle in the absence of the correct platform and mentorship. During this time, I also recognised that customers craved entertainment and that there was a gap – they weren’t getting what they have been expecting.

Additionally, there weren’t any neighborhood apps supporting the Indian talent and content creator neighborhood and I felt this could be the correct entrepreneurial venture that would focus on each the talent and the excellent, creativity, and innovation of content rather than the quantity.

Being a inventive soul myself, I preferred to do one thing out of the box and wanted to come up with a solution that would stand out from the crowd in the market place, and therefore Bamchik was conceptualised.

All these factors collectively prompted me to ideate Bamchik app, a quick video creation app that would provide the acceptable platform and relevant possibilities to the men and women to come forward and showcase their talent.

We take pride in sharing that we are a one-of-its-type app in the market place and we are supplying distinct features. As for the future plans, all in all, we want to make Bamchik enormous and take it to the worldwide levels through the energy of talent.

What are the crucial features and who is the target audience for Bamchik?

Bamchik is an app for customers across all age groups. It is cost-free from restrictions of age, gender, culture, and so on. We curated the app maintaining the reality into consideration that in the present occasions, not only youngsters but kids, middle-aged, and even the elderly generation use quick video apps for entertainment.

The 1st feature that we would like to highlight is that we have a special user interface with no ad interruption. Secondly, we have our Bamchik original music that has been curated by diverse artists, is inventive and peppy, and will add life to the quick video content of the creators.

Adding to it, one of the big distinguishing features of our app is that we organise thematic weekly contests across 4 categories- Social, LOL, Challenge, and Talent. Whosoever wins the contest will acquire money prizes from Bamchik app. Furthermore, we also have a feature, Spotlight, exactly where customers will be capable to have a glimpse of the revolutionary original content along with celebrity videos.

Along with these features, we are supplying a variety of AR filters so that creators can boost their content, beauty filters to sharpen their facial features, and background filters to give an artsy and inventive finish to the backdrop of their videos.

The thought is that the more followers the creators will have, the closer they will get to possessing a Bamchik verified user profile with a blue tick. Additionally, as and when the customers will garner followers, they will earn Bamchik stars that will additional entitle them to win rewards each in money and type, topic to the neighborhood suggestions.

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What are the special points of Bamchik as against its extremely well known and established competitors?

Every feature of Bamchik app comes with an added benefit and tends to make it special and quirky. We have incorporated all the features in a way that will advantage the customers with the sole aim to present a special user interface along with limitless entertaining and entertainment.

Talking about the competitors, we do not definitely think that we have any direct competitors. We are a one-of-a-type quick video application made in India that gives a musical and special no-ad interruption user interface along with supplying transparency and a platform for artists to come forward and share their talent with the globe.

Is there any subscription or payment model or any premium features? If so, what are they?

As of now, we are not working with a subscription-based model and we can not definitely say something about incorporating the similar in the future.

What is the model of money rewards?

We will present money rewards to the customers but there will be an eligibility criterion for the similar.

Earning the rewards can be carried out in two strategies – either the user wins the weekly theme-based contests across 4 distinctive categories or they earn Bamchik stars of a specified quantity and they will then be eligible to win money prizes topic to the neighborhood suggestions.

In the occasions ahead, we will also program to introduce the feature of live polling for the contests that will make certain transparency, and only the creator with the most revolutionary and inventive content on the basis of public response will win.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz