Average Indian spends 194 minutes daily on social media platforms: Report

Indians, on average, spend 194 minutes daily on social media platforms, a report released on Wednesday showed. It added that, on average, 46 minutes are spent on online games and 44 minutes on over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

The “New age digital media consumption: A survey of Social Media, OTT Content Online Gaming” report released by Delhi-based NGO The Esya Centre and IIM Ahmedabad was based on data collected from 2,000 respondents and in-app data from 2.06 million users across 143 mobile apps.

It added that 89 per cent of online users are active every day on social media, while 22 per cent and 12 per cent are active every day on OTT content and online gaming apps, respectively.

“While all users in our sample were active on social media once a month or more, the corresponding figure for OTT and online gaming apps was only 60 per cent and 40 per cent, respectively,” it added.

Moreover, 100 per cent of social media consumption took place through smartphones or tablets. For OTT content, 68 per cent used smartphones/tablets, 4 per cent used laptops and personal computers and 28 per cent used television or home theatres.

In online gaming, 89 per cent of players used smartphones and tablets. It was followed by 7 per cent using laptops and PCs and 4 per cent using TV.

Talking about the cost of surfing the internet, the report added that social media is largely free for users. But they pay Rs 201-400 a month on OTT content and less than Rs 100 a month on online gaming.

The findings further revealed that if the prices on these platforms are increased by 30 per cent, 71 per cent of gamers and 17 per cent of OTT audiences will likely reduce the time allotted to these services.

In online gaming, it was found that 28 per cent of users consider online gaming important for their employment prospects and 50 per cent consider it essential for skill development.

Moreover, online gaming is used for a more heterogeneous mix of purposes such as entertainment, building skills, and business or career opportunities.

“Around 75 per cent believe that online gaming leads to various kinds of skill development, especially in number-crunching and statistical skills, sports research skills, and motor skills,” it said.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz