Apple’s XR headset to have ‘Face ID’ like tech to make payments using eyes

Seems like Apple is upping the ante in the mixed reality competition by offering iris-scanning technology as the tech giant’s forthcoming XR device will include sensors that work like Face ID in iPhones and iPads, as per Mashable.

The outlet reported that The Information has shared the news regarding the new technology called ‘Iris ID’, which would enable users to log in their accounts and make payments biometrically.

The headset also reportedly has more than 10 cameras and might have the same M2 chip as the one powering the latest MacBook Air, according to Mashable.

This news comes after earlier this week Meta unveiled its high-end VR headset, the Quest Pro, at Meta Connect 2022. The Quest Pro, which is selling for USD 1,500 is marketed towards businesses as a solution to hybrid work and virtual collaboration.

As per Mashable, it comes with advanced eye-tracking capabilities for a realistic virtual experience and full color pass through technology so users can superimpose virtual features over their real-world settings.

However, the Quest Pro doesn’t offer the iris-scanning technology that Apple popularized with its own devices.

Apple’s XR headset has been highly-anticipated for years and is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

But all of this innovation won’t come cheap as rumors suggest that it will cost between USD 2,000 and USD 3,000, which is significantly more than the Quest Pro, the most premium version of Meta’s VR headset lineup to date, reported Mashable.

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