Apple releases iOS 15..2 update to repair bug that secretly deleted users’ images Details

iOS 15..2: In much less than a month due to the fact the rollout of the iOS 15 to phones worldwide, Apple has released the iOS 15..2, the second bug-repair update to be released. This update fixes a bug in iOS 15 that secretly deleted users’ images from the phone. The bug had come to light about two weeks ago when various customers spoke about it on the web. iOS 15..2 has been released worldwide for customers possessing devices compatible with the iOS 15 update. While the photo deletion bug repair is the largest concern this update solves, some of the other difficulties have also been fixed with this update.

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As per Apple, there had been various difficulties that have been fixed with this update. With iOS 15, there was a glitch that was causing images saved in the camera roll from Messages to be deleted when the connected chat thread or message was deleted by the user. Apart from this, there was an concern with connecting the iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe with Find My. Not only that, but there was an concern exactly where even AirTag was not appearing in the Find My Items tab. CarPlay also failed to open audio apps or it ended up becoming disconnected even though playing. Moreover, with iPhone 13 models, it was found that device restore or update could fail when Finder or iTunes was becoming utilized.

Hence, now, customers can update their devices to iOS 15..2 so that their images are not deleted automatically upon deleting a message or a message thread. Apart from that, installing the update would also let MagSafe Wallet or AirTag to show up in Find My like they really should. The concern with regard to CarPlay and the iPhone 13-particular concern would also be solved.

About 10 days ago, Apple rolled out the iOS 15..1 update to repair the bug that did not let masked customers unlock their iPhone 13 utilizing the Apple Watch.

It is evident that Cupertino would continue to bring out updates fixing bugs as and when they are reported to the tech giant, and it clearly does not care about the frequency at which it is rolling out these fixes.

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