Apple moved the end call button again in iOS 17

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Apple has moved end call button once again with the latest iOS 17 developer beta. Now, it lives in the lower middle of the call screen instead of on the lower right. It’s a little change, but it might mean that iOS 17’s new call controls won’t feel quite as different once Apple officially rolls out the new software sometime this fall.

The end call button has been in a new place since the first iOS 17 beta that was released in June, but it got some attention recently after some publications reported on the right-aligned. If the comments in our article on the change from last week are any indication, many didn’t like the button’s new position, and the negative reaction may have contributed to Apple’s decision to put the end call button back in the center.

Check out this gallery to get a sense of the button’s progression from iOS 16 to an older iOS 17 beta to now.

Apple may have shifted the call screen controls lower down the screen to make room for iOS 17’s new Contact Posters that are designed to feature the faces of the people you’re talking to. The lower call controls arguably make them easier to use on larger phone screens, too.

There aren’t many other changes in the newest iOS 17 beta, but if you want to see what’s different, check out this article from MacRumors.

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