Amplitude now supports direct data-sharing with Snowflake

Amplitude, a provider of product analytics and digital optimization technology, has launched a data-sharing integration with Montana-headquartered data company Snowflake. Under this engagement, enterprises using Amplitude will get the ability to consolidate all their product analytics data directly in their Snowflake instance or establish read access to a data share provisioned from the platform — without extracting, transforming and loading the data. 

This, according to Snowflake and Amplitude, will improve data connectivity for their mutual customers, allowing them the flexibility to access their data how they choose and increase their ROI.

“The integration gives customers the flexibility to use it (product analytics data) in both ways. One is Amplitude shares data to Snowflake, allowing the customer to join this data with other data they might have in their account, like marketing data, sales data or CRM data, to really get a unified view of what their target audience is doing within the product, as well as how that translates into revenue and sales,” said Prasanna Krishnan, director of product for Snowflake. “Secondly, it gives customers the flexibility to do that from within the amplitude application. They can also use the app to access data in Snowflake and query that and see insights on that,”

Organizations can also leverage Amplitude’s Reverse ETL integration with Snowflake to further enrich or add to the data in Amplitude.

Ultimate benefit

In the long run, the insights unlocked from this data sharing integration will help companies more deeply understand how their customers are interacting with their product and how that ties to other actions they might be taking — like purchases. This will enable them to build better product experiences and drive business growth.

“A lack of access to high-quality data ultimately inhibits cross-functional teams from having a unified view of every customer. But, with the Snowflake Data Share integration, Amplitude and Snowflake customers now can quickly and flexibly collect, process, and get value from their product data in order to get a deeper view of the customer,” Justin Bauer, Amplitude’s chief product officer, told VentureBeat.

The integration is active with select few Snowflake and Amplitude customers and will be generally available by the third quarter of 2022. Snowflake’s data cloud is used by more than 5,000 enterprises, while Amplitude’s product analytics platform has been adopted by upwards of 1,700 companies, including Atlassian, Instacart, NBC Universal, Shopify and Under Armour.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz