Adobe rolls out Firefly generative image creator to enterprises globally

American software major Adobe on Thursday announced that it is bringing the Firefly generative AI model to its enterprise customers globally. This new feature allows users to customise the model with their own brand assets.

Announced at the Adobe Summit, Firefly for Enterprise lets every employee in an organisation generate images from a text-based description, which can be used for marketing, presentation, and social media promotion.

“Enterprise leaders expect content demands will increase by five-fold over the next two years, making it imperative for them to drive efficiencies internally,” said David Wadhwani, President, Digital Media Business, Adobe in a statement.

“This new enterprise offering empowers users of any skill level to instantly turn ideas into content with Firefly while tapping into the power of Express and Creative Cloud to quickly modify assets and deliver standout designs, ” he added.

Adobe didn’t share the pricing for Firefly for Enterprise, but it hinted that licenses that can be deployed broadly to employees will be available to brands for a flat price, which will be based on the needs and size of the organisation, reported The Verge citing Ashley Still, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Adobe.

Though commercially safe, Adobe trained Firefly on Adobe Stock images, in addition to openly licensed content, and content without copyright within the public domain. This training model makes it different from the other generative AI model, which could cause copyright issues as their training data is not disclosed by the organization.

“Firefly beta users have generated more than 200 million images since its launch in March,” said the company in its blog post.

Users can create or generate content with inspiration from high-quality images, video, design templates, audio assets, and fonts, plus more icons, backgrounds, and shapes.

Besides, the company launched Adobe Express for enterprise users. For seamless integration, users can also access Firefly from Express. However, there is no information about the release date for Firefly for Enterprise.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz