1Password wants to remove its final password

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1Password is announcing today that, one day soon, it will support the option to create and unlock 1Password accounts using biometric-based passkey technology, ditching the feature that is the name of its entire product.

“For passkeys to be the way forward, it’s not enough for them to replace some of your passwords,” said 1Password chief product officer Steve Won. “They have to be able to replace all passwords – including the one you use to unlock 1Password.”

The drive to adopt passkey technology is founded on the growing security concerns linked to traditional passwords. They’re susceptible to phishing scams and can be stolen or otherwise compromised in data breaches, allowing cybercriminals to access your private information.

Even if you’re currently using biometrics like Face ID or fingerprint scanners to sign in to your 1Password account, the company points out that biometrics alone don’t actually replace a password — while these sign-on functions may be more secure, they’re ultimately still reliant on the passwords they’re connected to. 

Passkeys, meanwhile, could enable entirely passwordless login technology developed by the FIDO Alliance using public key cryptography, which allows users to replace traditional passwords with their device’s own authentication, such as a laptop with Windows Hello. Passkeys, therefore, provide greater security than passwords, as there’s no fixed “sequence” to steal or compromise.

1Password has only provided a vague release window of “this summer” for the rollout of 1Password account passkeys. When asked if 1Password plans to remove password support entirely in favor of passkeys, Won said, “We know the migration to passwordless won’t happen overnight, so we’re going to make it optional to start when we hit this summer. We have to meet people where they are. However, our goal is to go passkey-only as soon as possible.”

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